Chris Judson

Chris Judson is a writer, director and producer whose goal is to bring every project from the page to the screen with love and respect for the original vision. Bringing forth a strong understanding of both story and character and a dedicated approach, Chris works to see that every script is made as strong as possible before shooting begins and throughout production.

Chris attended the Capilano University Film Program from 2004 – 2006, earning a Diploma in Film Studies and teamed up with Doug and Marshall on their MPPIA Short Film Award-winning pitch at the 2007 Whistler Film Festival as Associate Producer on the multi-nominated, multi-award winning The Light of Family Burnam.

In September 2009, Chris worked as a Producer on Piet Suess and Matthieu Ricordi’s short film, The False Creek Stories, starring Alan Ruck and DB Sweeney and featuring several talented and well-known principal actors.

Outside of film, Chris is a fiction writer and a photographer, who helped produce Nick Tan’s Balloon Poetics Art Project and who photographed the transformation of a white short bus to a multi-artist painting canvas in The Short Bus Photo Collection.

As of November 2009, Chris has been Co-Producing and directing three episodes of the Mental Beast web-series with his colleagues from The Shots. Mental Beast is a multi-platform comedy series featuring some of Vancouver’s finest alternative comedians, actors and performers, including the writing team behind the successful With Friends Like These series and several local bands.

Along with Mental Beast, Chris is currently working as both a producer and an actor in the Hanging Tough web-series, brought to you by The Shots and Awkward Moment Productions.

Chris’ first short film, Hobo Jam, is now in the early stages of development with a planned production date of early 2010. Along with Hobo Jam, Chris is working on his first feature script, Kids are Ghosts and an anthology of short stories.