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Online Articles

The Sunshine Coast Daily “Canadian Film wins top honour”

The Interview Show: Fallan Soldier

The Shorts Report: “New Festival lifts off in Vancouver”

The Lacombe Globe: “Axani’s film sweeps Vancouver’s short film festival”

The Heartland Film Festival: The Light of Family Burnam

The Lacombe Globe: “Axani sets focus on Leo awards”

WildSound Film Festival: The Light of Family Burnam

Logical Lunitic Music: “The Light of Family Burnam”

The Lacombe Globe: “Axani film debuts in B.C.”

The Vancouver Sun: “A great leap forward for Vancouver filmmakers”

The Lacombe Globe: “Axani gets ready for Whistler”

The Lacombe Globe: “Axani wins inaugural BC short film award”

The Lacombe Globe: “Axani short-listed for BC filmaward”

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